As ProChem, we will continue to take measures to protect the health of both our customers and employees at all points we serve.


Your confidence is in our name, Our honesty is in our chemistry... 

ProChem Textile Chemistry Industrial Co. being the leader in innovation and creativity serves our clients with specially selected dyes and chemicals. 

We proudly announce that we have been exporting our industries to Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Portugal, Vietnam, Phillipines, Brasil, Sri Lanka, Iran, Russia, Greece, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Honduras, Mexico, and India

Commitment to ProChem quality is assured through ISO 9001:2015 ProChem and ISO 14000 certification processes. Producing enviroment friendly chemicals, we outline our responsibility to humanity as well as the world itself.

We as ProChem, workship trust and honesty, which you will experience with each passing day.