Textile auxiliaries always have suitable form for dyehouses. It is normal expectation for end users as dyehouse bat it is not always suitable for trading especially for importer and exporter. Because Dyehouses have generally used textile auxiliaries as de-concentrate form for automation systems. If importer end exporter have transported as diluted form of auxiliaries, transportation cost increases, because of this products prices increase. ProChem has offered a special salvation for this problem. Our concentrated chemical series are suitable for reducing transportation cost and reduced auxiliaries cost. 

Width range of concentrated are at bellow list; 

Concentrated Wetting Chemical, Combine Bleaching Chemical, Oil Remover Chemical, Stabilizer Chemical, Sequestering Agent, Anti peroxide Enzyme, Antipiling Enzyme, Anticreasing Chemical, Catalyst for Anticreasing Chemical, Soda Ash Equivalent, Leveling and Dispersing Chemical for Disperse Dyes, Wash off Chemical, Fixing Chemical, Hydrophilic Micro Silicone Base, Micro Silicone Base, Hydrophilic Silicone Base Material, Estequat Based Softener, Flake - Cationic Softener, Flake - Nonionic Softener, Concentrated Polyethylene Emulsion.



Prowet JWL Concentrated Wetting Chemical 
xxx xxx x x
Prowet AWC Conc Concentrated Wetting Chemical 
xxx xxx x x
Probleach CMB Conc Combine Bleaching Chemical 
xxx x x 0
Progal RE 70 Oil Remover Chemical 
xxx xxx xxx xx
Prostab 1312 Powder Stabilizer Chemical 
xxx xx x 0
Proquest 2207 Conc Sequestering Agent 
xxx xx x 0
Prokill Ultra Anti peroxide Enzyme 
xxx xx x 0
Procell TXL Antipiling Enzyme 
xxx x 0 x
Prolube ACA Powder Anticreasing Chemical 
xxx xxx xx xx
Praux pH Leveling and Dispersing Chemical for Disperse Dyes 
xxx xx - 0
Progal DFT Sequestering Agent 
0 0 0 xxx
Progal LVA Leveling and Dispersing Chemical for disperse Dyes 
xxx xxx x 0
Prowash MKL Wash off Chemical 
xxx xxx x x
Prowash 1611 Conc Wash off Chemical 
xxx xxx x x
Profix NF Fixing Chemical 
xxx xx 0 0
Prosil 1601 Hydrophilic Micro Silicone Base 
xxx xx 0 0
Prosil 1952 Plus Micro Silicone Base 
xxx xxx x xx
Prosil 3505 Base Hydrophilic Silicone Base Material 
xxx xxx x xx
Prosoft ESQ Estequat Based Softener 
xxx x x x
Prosoft CFL Flake - Cationic Softener 
xxx xxx - 0
Prosoft NFL Flake - Nonionic Softener 
xxx xxx x xxx
Prosoft NPE Concentrated Polyethylene Emulsion 
xxx xx x xxx